GOOD MOOD TOOL: A Love Letter to Myself

When was the last time you hand wrote a letter? When was the last time you wrote a letter to yourself? Some of us journal, some of us keep a gratitude diary, and these are great reminders to keep our eyes open to all that is beautiful around us.

But, how about we look within to find some beauty? There are so many wonderful qualities that we each posses, and most of us wait for someone else to say them out loud to us.

We cannot rely on someone else to make us happy. In order to have confidence and a positive body image, we must show ourselves that we are numero uno. Look in the mirror each day and tell yourself how beautiful you are, inside and out. Show yourself some love and appreciation by writing a love letter to your present, or future, self. You can make it an annual practice if you are wanting to see some growth within your self.

Use this template, or create your own. Be sure to be honest, take a little time to dig deep, and allow yourself to feel all the feels. You deserve it.

Be your own reason to smile.

Dear Self, _____________________,

I write this letter to myself as a reminder of how ________________, __________________,

and ____________________ I am. Sometimes, I can forget what I am capable of and need a gentle reminder. 

Events have occured in my life that have led me down the path I am on today. These come as lessons, achievements, event roadblocks, and they all make me the person I am today.

Friends and family consider me to be ______________________ and __________________. 

I love myself for being _________________________________________________________.

Thinking back to an achievement I am proud of, ______________________________, reminds me of how successful, ________________________, and _______________________ I am.

I know I can do anything I put my mind to.  In times of weakness on this wellness journey, I will tell myself _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ and always keep these 3 encouraging words at the front of my mind to draw on:

  1. ________________________________
  2. ________________________________
  3. ________________________________

Looking forward, a healthy me looks like ________________________ and ______________________ and I admire myself for putting in the effort to reach my goals.

With unconditional love and support, Me.           P.S., I love you.

Signed____________________________________ Date ___________________________


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