GOOD MOOD TOOL: The Life Wheel

What does it mean to have a balanced life? If I asked you to draw out your life in the shape of a pie, with slices that represent each important aspect of your day, what would that look like? Your pie would probably look a bit like this:

  • some slices you might have a little more trouble finding labels for
  • some slices would look like they were nibbled on by a little mouse
  • some slices would look so darn scrumptious that you just can’t wait to dig your teeth into them
  • some slices you like more than others, but they’re still a part of your life

Balance is not something you find. balance is something you create.

The Life Wheel is a tool I love because, well, I’m a visual type. I find it helpful to literally see life as one beautiful pie, and then divvy it all up. The ‘divvy’ part allows you to really see how one area pulls your attention more, or which area is being neglected a bit. You can choose to even things out a bit, or you can decide that all is well. This is your pie, your creation.

Add the Life Wheel to your wellness toolbox. Create one each year, or each month. Stay honest, stay open, and stay positive.

Happy goal setting 🙂

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